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Supporting our community through safe steps

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

COVID-19 has devastated many aspects of our community and as a result, Hoyle Da Silva made a decision to support vulnerable people impacted by the pandemic. The first charity we would like to assist is safe steps Family Violence Response Centre.

Often hidden and unreported, family violence is a widespread social issue that prevails throughout our community. It occurs in any family type, irrespective of race, profession, educational or income levels.

During COVID-19, the severity and frequency of domestic violence against women has increased and reports of first-time family violence have risen. New forms of violence are emerging and demand for assistance is growing.

safe steps is Victoria's first response service for women, young people and children who are experiencing family violence. Their aim is to ensure that women and children are able to live without fear of abuse, and through their respond-recover-prevent framework, are working towards the elimination of family violence.

Hoyle Da Silva is committed to donate to our chosen charities and we are proud to support safe steps in their goal towards eliminating family violence in our community.


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